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I’ve started a new website! This one! Which I’ve needed for a while. I was excitedly showing my friend my pet project ‘’, which is a short fiction aggregator I’m very proud of developing. It contains a catalogue of short science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories tagged by genre and linked to authors.
So my friend took my phone from me, navigated to my author page, and tried to click on the link to ‘website’.

Which simply refreshed the page because… well… I mean it was my website. If Rich Larson can keep Tumblr as his personal website, why can’t I have my own author’s page on my website be my website, right?

Well, my friend gave me many good reasons, most of which I really didn’t want to acknowledge. I have a near pathological dislike of promoting myself, something that I’ve been working on for years now. And voila! Today is the breakthorugh day, apparently, and I have a little blurb here to commemorate it 🙂

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